Robin & Jim are consistently out thinking and out creating their counterparts…and they do it with humor and humility. Hire them or your competition will.

Bill S., Hotel & Resort Executive

“Marriage made in heaven” best describes our relationship with Robin and Jim Whitney from Whitney Advertising and Design.   Our company marketing profile was badly in need of a make-over. We met with three respected local firms, and settled on Whitney Advertising. They were far more accommodating and insightful in our initial meeting than either of the other firms and, being a small firm ourselves, we related well to their hands on approach.  The whole process of re-branding our company was organized, structured, and logical, with healthy helpings of creative brilliance thrown in.  We could not be happier with the ultimate results, they are spectacular.  Whitney Advertising has our highest recommendation.

Murray G., Luxury Homes Creator

Robin and the entire team at Whitney Advertising & Design have been a very important business partner to our company for more than a decade. Whitney Advertising has been so much more than a vendor providing us a service, they truly have been a business partner and helped us work through major product line strategies, promotional plans, and unmatched, drop-dead gorgeous graphic and web design.  I brought Whitney Advertising with me when I changed companies more than a decade ago and have done literally hundreds of projects with them over the years including major events, total website re-design, multi-media projects, brochure layout and design, advertising design, social media, new product launch, logo design and branding.

Angie L., Home Automation Vice President of Sales

Robin excells at developing and executing marketing strategies. Her thinking is anchored in the mission and her creativity is both far-reaching and compelling. Robin’s strength is extending the reach and impact of marketing strategy to make the project far more meaningful and capacity-building than the client had imagined possible. It is a transforming experience for the client and for the client’s partners. As a result, Robin’s work remains the guiding resource for me in both marketing and the process of building effective business partnerships.

Anne S., Economic Development Manager

Robin joined our group of non-profit dreamers, a little over a year ago, when we started a VERY ambitious project with very little money. She understood the parameters and helped us focus our vision. Her creative ability to take us further than we had dreamed on our own was impressive.  And her great sense of whimsy. Lots of folks, bring it on, when they have a top client, paying real money but to see that level of professionalism and attention to detail directed to us in the non-profit world, is both unique and heart-warming.  Hire Robin only if you are prepared to change the way you see your world!

Teri O., Non-Profit Executive Director

I’ve hired Robin for two different businesses and she did an exceptional job creating our companies image through highly creative advertising and marketing campaigns.

Michele K., Interior Designer

Robin is an amazing advertising professional. Her ability to understand her client’s true advertising needs is truly remarkable. She works unbelievably hard to make her clients successful through her immense knowledge of the industry.

Chris S., Past Employee & Advertising Executive

This recommendation is from a true Robin Whitney Fan….. During Robin’s years at Vogel Communications Group and then, when DDB Worldwide purchased the agency, Robin supervised all aspects of our work and relationships with many of our most important clients. Robin did an outstanding job and her unusual combination of basic intelligence, marketing skills, creative thinking and leadership qualities provided our clients and fellow agency personnel with a rare opportunity to work with this unique professional.  Under Robin’s direction, both agencies developed many award winning and successful ad campaigns, as well as effective long term marketing activities for our clients. Her personality, innate marketing sense and her dedication to fulfillment of agreed upon goals resulted in a seamless integration of the agency and client groups; an achievement desired (but seldom accomplished) by all clients and ad agencies.  Robin always went the ‘extra mile’ to suggest new opportunities, or alternative ways to accomplish the tasks at hand. She always made the client’s feel the she was trying to do the best thing possible for their company and not simply attempting to get them to spend more money. Her dedication and attitude, combined with her instinctive ability to creatively develop and execute successful strategies, always produced the intended results. Her oversight of the long term and day-to-day operations of the agency’s activities for our clients gained the respect of all those involved.  In a nutshell, I remain grateful to Robin and continue to be impressed with her as a spirited woman, marketing professional, team player and a great person. I am pleased to be a member of “The Robin Whitney Fan Club.”

Bill V., Past Employer & Advertising Agency Owner

Robin and Jim Whitney of Whitney Advertising have been doing advertising for us on many levels and with multiple companies since 2005. They are without a doubt the most creative, fun, out of the box idea makers in the business. The advertising campaigns they produced became the talk of the town for years. Robin and Jim produced print advertising of all kinds, in house advertising, logo’s, catch phrases that relate emotions to the product that make consumers want to have the product. That’s what it is all about. They are innovative, technologically savvy in all aspects of social networking and watch the results and bottom line for our companies. I am proud to have bragging rights that they are our Advertising and Marketing Company. We continue to use their services and constantly refer them to others.

Carrie S., Real Estate Associate Broker

“Periods of tranquillity are seldom prolific of creative achievement. Mankind has to be stirred up.” George Santayana – This is what I believe Robin Whitney does – she stirs things up. She breathes new life into client’s campaigns, making them relevant and getting them recognized. Robin seems to possess unremitting levels of energy and creativity. It was great fun working with Robin and I would certainly recommend putting that mind of hers to work for you.

Claire W., Past Employee & Filmmaker

We have consistently been getting one to three good cases a week. You rock.

Phil D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Thank you so much for “busting a gut” and “puking a lung” on my behalf for the past year.  I appreciate everything you do.

Betsy S., Retail Store Sales Manager

Robin is one of the most talented, creative, diligent and trustworthy account people with whom I have ever worked. She is extremely bright, articulate, poised and congenial. Robin possesses all of the qualities one would look for in the profession.

Gary S., Past Colleague & CFO

Robin was the ultimate project leader. Smart, positive, determined. Plus she enjoyed being the “glue” for our team. If we could find 20 others like her we could rule the world, but there’s only one Robin.

Charlie E., Past College and Agency Strategist

WHITNEY’s creativity and the quality of the final materials has always been top-notch. We have found them to be easy to work with and very flexible and accommodating to meet our needs.  In the recent economic situation, WHITNEY Advertising has been very responsive to our budget constraints, seeking out printers and other vendors to get us the most bang for the buck. They are hard-working and happy to step up to serve as a contact point to manage and coordinate complex projects involving multiple individuals within our organization and at our other vendor companies.

Kirk L., Snow Sports Sales Executive

You run a tight ship and I’ve been thrilled with your service. 

Sally E., Candidate

Bottom line is that our advertising (our Robin) Rocks!

Jennifer J., Franchisor

You won’t be disappointed if you choose to work with them. Robin brings GREAT energy! 

Laura S., Healthcare Marketing Manager

LOVE LOVE LOVE Whitney Advertising and Design — it is so REFRESHING to finally be teaming up with the real deal!!!!!!!

Lindsey E., Property Management Company Owner

I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are as people, not only professionals. It truly warms my heart to have such sincere individuals in my life and business. You have not only made a huge difference and I mean HUGE, but you have believed in me and what I am doing. It is rare in life to run across truly good people with truly good intentions and I am finding even harder when times are tough like they are today. I am honored to work with you.

Justin W., Residential Real Estate Developer