The best inspiration is sometimes vacation.

Vacation—going to new places and seeing new things, constantly interacting with the world of environments, products, service and people—is often where the big insights are hatched and the big ideas born.

Lunch is the least I can do.

Generosity is always a good idea. Especially to our armed forces who protect our freedoms with their lives. Pass it on.

Restaurant Hostess, Beware: Confessions of a Former Mother of Young Children.

"I’m overstating for effect, but the reality is that YOU see a 32-year-old paralegal from Shaker Heights, and SHE sees a battle-scarred warrior for the human race."

Where’s the Beef? Why the Hamburger Only Lasted Two Days on This Web Site.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. “Let’s put a hamburger on the desktop version of our new web site!” “Good idea. It will signify our belief in the mobile-first world.” “And it’s so simple, intuitive, edgy and elegant.”